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1st Love!

Nobody loves your car more than you do. And it makes complete sense to enhance it whenever there's a chance.  At Untap'd, we understood your need. A unique & state of the art technology, perfect for your car to speak out to you.  Literally!


We know you love your car more than your spouse. Don't worry, that secret is safe with us! Let us take care of your car help you become a much more efficient family person. 😉

Under the Hood?

The Undivided Attention!

The beauty about attention is the never ending amaze and joy it bring to us. 

“The more you think you see, the more you will miss out on. Because what is seeing? You’re looking, but what you’re actually doing is filtering, interpreting, searching for meaning.”

Our job? To give you the most precious of gifts we can, our attention, and use it for you.


The smartest in the business!

Features of iYoda

In vehicle tracking

Know the exact current location of your car.

Towing alarm

Ohh, I parked my car in NO PARKING ZONE.

THeft Alarm


DOcuments in one place

Access all the documents in one place.

trip logging

All the information of all the trip logged in one place.

engine diagnosis

Know the status of your car's engine.

ignition alert

You'll know who turns your car ON!

Remote tracking

Keep track of your car even if you are not in your car.

“The Way I Drive, The Way I Handle a Car, is an Expression of My Inner Feelings.”

-Lewis Hamilton

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OBD short for On Board Diagnostics is an intelligent system where different types of sensors are integrated into various parts of the vehicle that monitor the performance and report the system whether those areas are working according to the provided specifications of the vehicle or not.

Nope, not at all. You just need to plug the OBD in your vehicle and that’s it.

No, it does not hamper with any aspect of the vehicle’s performance.

Our company will provide you with the module along with the services.

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